My Youth Ran Down The River. 2017

One night greeted my body with a tender coarseness that wrapped around us like a whirlpool.

One night made kayaks out of our beds and trekked along the Mississippi of our youth.

One night split my rib cage open so the bats could exercise their wings, singing with the magic that keeps my lungs holding onto each other.

One night, a little bit of you and a little bit of me made a little bit of heaven jealous that we are mortal.

I don't want to know what it's like to toss my heart into a cement mixer. I want the flowers in my bedroom to rise when I breathe in first morning's breath.

If you could find a way, fill my lungs back up with butterflies so shy to fly away that they stay fluttering in and around my bones. 


Hallelujah, I want to sing, hallelujah I want the moths in the attic of my mind to clear a path for the whale of my soul to hum the ocean's favorite opera.

Vibrating in the strings of the one night I felt your lips tell me a story that didn't end in lovers dying, I found power in feeling my feelings.

Teach me how to bend, break, and bless your body the same as you've done mine. I repay my debts and I do not want to owe you for a night of 4 A.M. wishbones. 

My youth ran down the river. Wet and wild, unscathed and beaten altogether. The rocks begged to meet another dreamer and the river granted them my skull and I keep on requesting another dream where my skull crushes into yours. Celestial, bruised, tender, and gone away from everything that's real, I will find the beauty of my mortality. 

One night, every night, no night. I still prevail because I choose so.

One More Week

The Silver Screens team and I are so excited to share our film with everyone. The film will be released on Vimeo on June 8th, until then, here's some bts pics from production: